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Charming Beads Notebook

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Charming Beads Notebook, where the cover is adorned with a sparkling pattern of pearls. Let your imagination flourish as you stick these dazzling pearls, revealing an exquisite design. Each pearl is an invitation to creativity and fun, transforming this notebook into a personalized work of art. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of pearls and express your unique style through this fascinating notebook. The adventure begins here, between the lines and the shining pearls of the Charming Beads Notebook.

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A5 Ruled 100 200 g
Charming Beads Notebook
  • 100 Pages

    Discover the joy of writing your next story, exploring new recipes, or reliving your travel memories.

  • 200 g

    A resilient notebook that will be your trusty sidekick throughout every exciting journey!

  • Ruled Sheets

    Whether you prefer lined, grid, or dotted pages, each one serves as the perfect canvas for unleashing your creativity.

  • A5

    The perfect size to have your journal by your side at all times.

The detail that makes all the difference and enhances your notebook with an irresistible touch!

Customize the cover by sticking sparkling beads onto the pre-drawn patterns and let your creativity soar in an explosion of colors and unique designs. This playful activity is perfect for relaxing and having fun while creating a one-of-a-kind notebook that reflects your style and imagination.

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Super Original !

Ce carnet est très joli et ludique ! Super activité à faire avec les petits