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Traveller's Notebook

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Immerse yourself in the call of the unknown with the Traveler's Notebook. Like an open window to the infinite, its pages capture dreams, adventures, and emotions. As a guardian of memories, it seals the traveler's journeys within its bindings. Treat yourself to an invitation to wander, where words take flight toward the endless horizon. Discover the Traveler's Notebook and let your thoughts embark on a journey.

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8.8x12.5cm / 12x21cm Squared 64 100 g
Traveller's Notebook
  • 64 Pages

    Discover the joy of writing your next story, exploring new recipes, or reliving your travel memories.

  • 100 g

    A resilient notebook that will be your trusty sidekick throughout every exciting journey!

  • Squared Sheets

    Whether you prefer lined, grid, or dotted pages, each one serves as the perfect canvas for unleashing your creativity.

  • 8.8x12.5cm / 12x21cm

    The perfect size to have your journal by your side at all times.

The detail that makes all the difference and enhances your notebook with an irresistible touch!